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Inside Sales Recruitment

The phone based part of the sale.

Inside Sales Recruitment Agency Services based in Berkshire, covering London and the rest of the UK

Inside Sales Recruitment

The strength of an Inside Sales team can be vital to the on-going success of a company. So, the abilities of each team member count.

Depending on company requirements, activities for these roles can vary between:

  • Cold calling and / or following up warmer enquiries
  • Completing part of the sales cycle, such as taking it to the first appointment or proposal stage,
  • Handling the whole sales cycle including closing for the order.

There are significant differences between selling over the phone and face-to-face selling. Read  We specialise in recruiting for phone based roles, although some can include face to face client work. All our consultants have a background in the roles we recruit for, outside of recruitment. This facilitates understanding of the roles, and the skills candidates need.

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These roles can involve a number of different activities depending on the product or service, pricing structure marketplace and organisation. It varies from only completing part of the sales cycle, such as taking it to the first appointment or proposal stage, through to handling the whole sales cycle including closing for the order. It can also include company research, understanding customer needs, and qualifying, gaining sales appointments, giving online demos and much more.

Also important to success in the roles of Inside Sales Executives and Inside Sales Managers are things like: building and maintaining a strong sales pipeline, being an active team player, listening and assessing, persuasiveness, and a proactive approach. Fuller version

Generally, the phone content of these roles is high, so the level of skills is crucial to success. We therefore conduct our in-depth interviews on the phone. Our Consultants draw on their experience of doing these roles themselves in order to assess a Candidate’s skillset.

Our specialised expertise in telephone interviewing is key to finding the right FIT’  between job requirements and candidate skills. This is a key part of the quality service we give.

So, if you’re an employer looking for the right candidates, or a candidate looking for the right role…

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A vital part of the sales process… talent and experience count.

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