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The phone based part of the sale.

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We specialise in Inside Sales Recruitment

Time, Results & Costs

Imagine time being saved and more being done, leading to better results in Inside Sales. That is what advances in technology have made possible.

Because of on-line services and the phone, the full sales cycle can often be achieved by one person. Or good leads generated and handed over as required.

All this can be achieved without anyone leaving the office. So, costs are reduced, and strong, lasting relationships can still be built this way.

Of course, there are significant differences between office-based and face-to-face selling. We specialise in recruiting for mainly office-based roles.

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The importance of the team

The strength of an Inside Sales team can be vital to the on-going success of a company. A great team can help move a company forward, a poor one can be missing the market. That is why it is important to use the right Inside Sales Recruitment Agency.

Inside Sales roles and how we can help you

Let’s look at:

  • Role requirements
  • Industry Specific requirements
  • Team attributes
  • Personal attributes.

Role requirements

As well as:

  • researching
  • sourcing new sales opportunities
  • developing those opportunities
  • providing pricing & proposals
  • closing for orders
  • arranging appointments.

Job requirements may include:

  • Making effective follow-up calls
  • Giving effective on-line demos
  • Managing their pipeline
  • Making weekly / monthly forecasts
  • Researching organisations, and identifying key stakeholders
  • Developing a strategy for dealing with each prospect
  • Account Management
  • Up-selling to existing customers
  • Attending events and networking.

Examples of Industry specific requirements:

  • Working with channel partners to build pipeline and close deals
  • Experience in a specific industry sector
  • Understand solutions and deliver on-line demonstrations.

But more than that, the interaction between Inside and Outside Sales is vital. There can be superb team work from some, yet a reluctance to hand enquiries over to the outside team (it happens!). So, Team attributes can be essential:

Team attributes

  • Good team player
  • Friendly and business-like with ability to gain respect
  • Tactful
  • Putting points across effectively
  • Open-minded and co-operative.

Personal attributes and skills

  • Awareness in discussion or negotiating situations
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Good listening and presentation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer relationship skills
  • Comfortable speaking with high level decision makers
  • Good with figures
  • Good business acumen
  • Strong ability to influence and negotiate at all levels
  • Personal planning activities
  • Multi-tasking, prioritising, and managing time
  • Being proactive and taking initiative
  • Tenacity and results orientated
  • Strong phone presence and making effective B2B calls
  • Customer focused
  • And of course, good selling skills.

 How we can help you

What is it that enables us to help Clients and Candidates better? It is our specialist expertise in assessing job requirements and skills needed in a role. Right Candidate for right Job is the result.

All our consultants have a background in the roles we recruit for. None of them had worked in recruitment before joining us. So, they have actually done it for real. This helps the understanding of roles, and the skills needed to be successful in them.

Clients, how can you find the right team members who can bring in the business and fit in with the team?

We can source effective Inside Sales Managers and Inside Sales Executives for you. Those who can help create long term value for your business. We can even help and give you advice, if you want.

Candidates, how can you find the right Agency so that you can find the right role in the right company?

Perhaps we can help you find the right role where you can get the appropriate rewards. Develop and increase your skill-set? Progress in your career? It’s possible.

We’re expert in our Market and supply people who can perform.

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