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Welcome to New Business People.

We offer Recruitment Agency Services based in Berkshire and covering London and the rest of the UK – Working Nationally

Welcome to New Business People


Employers – Our clients are pleased they dealt with us because we find them the right people. Also, we recruit in the right way.

Candidates – We aim to find you the role that enables you to perform your best. Also, to earn your potential and further your career.

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You will find useful information about recruitment. Our ‘Sales Traits’ page for example.

How we are different

All our staff have done the types of roles we specialise in. This was before their recruitment careers.

So, we can understand the challenges you face as a Hiring Manager better.  We understand your skill set as a Candidate better. It enables us to recruit better and, in effect, we add a new dimension to the interview process.

It’s our USP and very important to our Clients and Candidates.

It’s a formula that’s worked for our Clients, our Candidates and ourselves over the years.

Our story and how it helps us to help you

We formed an outsource agency in the early days of Telemarketing. It involved selecting, training, and managing new staff.

So, the result was a deep understanding of what is necessary for people to succeed.

Then, we put a small team of telemarketers out to work on client premises.

Subsequently, we got requests from Clients to supply them with staff. We moved fully into recruitment in 1997.

So, we have seen how sales roles have changed over the years. We have always recruited for roles that help companies win extra business.

In 2012 we re branded from Telemarketing People to New Business People.

How we do business

Here are some of our principles and actions that benefit you –

  • Straightforward and fair dealings with you
  • Doing what is legally and morally right
  • Behaving in an ethical, respectful fashion
  • Doing our utmost to meet your expectations
  • Take account of skills, experience and business background when assessing Candidate suitability
  • Only put Candidates forward for roles they are suited for
  • Always seek a Candidate’s permission before identifying them to a Client or putting their CV forward
  • Only submit suitable Candidates who are interested in the vacancies. This saves everyone’s time.
  • Only use appropriate recruitment methods. So, we don’t use unfair or pressured persuasion techniques.
  • Always maintain confidentiality.

We trust you feel that we are people you can deal with.

Our Experience

We’ve always recruited for roles within the sales process that generate additional business. So, you’ll find our specialist experience and expertise to be unrivalled.

The way we work means we’ve taken it beyond what is normally regarded as specialist.

 Experience matters. Experience delivers.

We recruit skilled and professional people who make significant contributions to


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The five pillars of our brand

Number 1

Experience matters.

We understand both Client and Candidate challenges because we’ve all worked in these roles.

Number 2

Telephone expertise.

As we’re genuine specialists, we only introduce the right people for the right roles.

Number 3

Generating business.

Whether it’s Sales or Account Management roles our aim is to find talent to help Clients generate more business and Candidates get the right roles.

Number 4

Relationship builders.

We get to know you – our Clients and Candidates – so that we can give you better support and advice.

Number 5

Integrity and trust.

You’ll feel happy and confident working with us.

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