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Sales Skills And Personality Traits

Right Personality boosts Sales Results


Sales Skills and Personality

This page is about Sales and Personality, their importance and how they affect results.

We are New Business People who

  • Are a well-established Recruitment Agency
  • Specialise in recruiting for B2B Sales / Business Development roles
  • And recruit in a fair, expert and professional way.

How Personality Makes Sales Skills Effective

There’s more to sales than having the selling skills to do the job. Personality can hugely affect results, success and other people in the company. So, Sales and Personality both affect the results

We’ve looked at the personality traits that are important and assist in the roles we recruit for:

Personality Attributes & Traits 

 Communication traits

  • Persuasive –
    Tone of voice and Emphasis are important here.
  • Awareness –
    In discussion or negotiating situations
  • Articulate –
    Being clear and making the complex straightforward
  • Focused –
    Keeping to the point and what you’re trying to achieve
  • Charismatic –
    Making right impression, getting attention and people listening
  • Emphatic –
    Where it counts, not in a contradictory way.

Character Traits    

  •  Confident –
    No clear doubts, otherwise where’s the credibility?
  • Tenacity –
    If it’s a real opportunity, don’t let go of it!
  • Enthusiastic –
    This can be contagious and help influence others
  • Clear-headed –
    Otherwise can get thrown off-course
  • Conscientious –
    Trustworthy, Doing it right and Reliable
  • Courageous –
    Helps ability to be effective in unexpected situations
  • Genuine –
    Contributes in so many ways and can give credibility
  • Cooperative –
    Agreeable, yes but don’t give all the profits away!
  • Friendly –
    Without being over-friendly and creating barriers
  • Grit / Determination –
    That real drive to keep going and achieve.

Awareness Traits 

  • Knowing when to be proactive and take the initiative
  • Observant – Don’t miss useful clues
  • Perceptive – Helps with the clues for understanding people.

Attitude Traits 

  • Optimistic –
    Persistence when rejected, and handling setbacks better
  • Passionate –
    Passion leads to persuasion
  • Results orientated –
    Without this, where’s the drive?
  • Resourceful –
    Active in difficult situations and come up with solutions
  • Hardworking –
    Getting the job done and going ‘that extra mile’
  • Insightful –
    Can understand what’s behind what is being said and done.

Working Traits 

  • Organised –
    Helps get more done
  • Realistic –
    Not getting carried away
  • Respectful –
    Lack of respect is a Sales killer
  • Thorough –
    Helps hanging on in there
  • Winning –
    A winner has confidence and it suggests they are doing it right.

 Team attributes

  • Good team player –
    Can influence others
  • Always reliable –
    Setting a good example
  • Always positive –
    Even when something has gone wrong
  • Open-minded and co-operative –
    Helps changes to work
  • Friendly and business-like
    With ability to gain respect
  • Shows commitment –
    To winning with the team
  • Takes a constructive approach –
    Helps coping with any ups and downs
  • Accepting
    That no job is too small
  • Tactful –
    Careful how phrases things
  • Putting points across effectively
  • Shares knowledge and information with the team
  • Making right impression & getting attention and people listening.

 Sales people and success

Having the necessary selling skills is no guarantee of success these days. What used to work doesn’t necessarily work today. This is because of changes, challenges and increased competition. 

Want to know why we can get good people for good jobs when there is a shortage of good candidates?

How we can help you

  • What is it that enables us to help Clients and Candidates better? It is our specialist expertise in assessing job requirements and skills needed in a role. A good FIT between Client requirements and Candidate skills & ambitions is the result.
  • As we have said elsewhere, all our consultants have a background in the roles we recruit for. None of them had worked in recruitment before joining us. So, they have done it for real. This helps the understanding of roles, and the skills needed to be successful in them.
  • Clients, how can you find the right team members who can bring in the business and fit in with the team?

We can source effective Sales / Business Development Managers / Executives for you. Those who can help create long term value for your business. We can even help and give you advice, if required.

  • Candidates, how can you find the right Agency so that you can find the right role in the right company?

Perhaps we can help you move to a company where you can get the appropriate rewards. Develop and increase your skill-set? Progress in your career?

We’re expert in our Market and supply people who can perform.

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