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Getting the best results.

If you are recruiting, we can help you

We are B2B Sales Recruiters, so –

If you’re looking to hire talented people for any role involved in the B2B sales process, then we can help.

We understand these roles because we have recruited for them for many years. All our team have been successful in B2B Sales related roles. This is before their career with us. Their understanding of these roles enables them to make better judgements.

This enables them to make sure the candidates are right for your job. The better the fit and skills, the better results the candidate can achieve for you.

We are experts in getting the right candidates in front of you – those who fulfil your criteria. Those who will get the best results and ultimately increase your bottom line. We’ve been doing it for many companies for many years. We are confident we can help you too.

Every company can have their own activity requirements for roles with the same job title. So, our first step when recruiting is to understand the role you need to fill.

Then we get to work on finding the right people for your business. Often, we look at hundreds of CVs for one role.

We talk to many candidates but don’t always interview them. We only interview the best. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

How people perform on the phone is what brings in the opportunities and boosts your bottom line. We have developed our own unique way of interviewing and assessing skills.

We recruit nationally for Client organisations of all sizes.

So, we can help you whether you have never recruited Sales people before or you have an existing team. Supplying you with more of the best people is our aim.

Experience matters. Experience delivers

 Personal Rewards

There are personal rewards associated with recruitment for these roles. Some of them are:

  • Clients, that feeling you get when you see the success of those you brought into the company.
  • Candidates, it is the feeling you get when you know you have made the right choice of employer. So, the future looks good.
  • For us, it is the feeling we get that it has gone well and been worth all the hard work put in.

Jobs transform lives

As the Recruitment & Employment Confederation puts it.

Recruiters help millions of people find work every year

Good people can transform a business and the right jobs transform lives. We work to deliver a better Business Development Recruitment service so that:

Clients can get the people they need particularly as getting recruitment right. This contributes to business success and

Candidates can get the right job that meets their needs and ambitions. It’s a special moment when that happens.

So, if you’re an employer looking for the right candidates, or a candidate looking for the right role…

 If you’d like to know more, please call us on 01628 634634

Or Contact Us for the bigger picture.

We recruit those highly skilled and professional people who make significant contributions to the sales process. Here are just some of the roles we specialise in.

To read more Roles We Specialise In

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