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Business Development Recruitment

Gaining and growing business through Business Development

Recruitment Agency specializing in Business Development Recruitment based in Berkshire, covering London and the rest of the UK

Our Business Development Recruitment Service 

Please note: There is a Business Development Roles section a short way down this page called ‘Business Development Roles We Specialise In’.

Here’s something different 

All our staff have done the types of roles we recruit for. This was before their recruitment careers. So, we can:

  • Understand Hiring Managers’ challenges better and
  • Assess Candidates’ skill-sets better.

This helps us assess the match and get the best fit for you. So, we only put forward CV’s of those who can get the best results for our Clients. For Candidates we find you the right next move that aligns with your skill-set.

Our Aim is to recruit better for you

By understanding requirements:

As we know the roles that we recruit for well, we

  • know what information is needed from Clients and
  • carry out an in-depth interview process with Candidates

And by

  • Conducting business in a straightforward way
  • We only put forward CVs of Candidates who are the right level for your role. This saves you time.

Our Business Development Recruitment Service is for Business-to-Business roles located anywhere in the UK.

For Clients

We specialise in helping you recruit for:

  • Office-based Business Development roles
  • Also, where there is a mix of office based and face to face sales.
  • Phone-based roles require different skills from face-to-face selling. This  is because Sound is the only one of the five senses being used.

It must move quicker than face-to-face.

Please note: Being good face-to-face does not guarantee being good on the phone.

For Candidates

We specialise in helping you find the right role for your skills, experience, potential and ambitions. We can do this because as we really understand the roles we recruit for as we’ve done them ourselves.

Business Development Roles We Specialise In

The main Job titles are:

Business Development Manager ~ Business Development Executive

Business Development Director ~ Senior Business Development Manager 

And there are many more Business Development Job titles.

If you want to contact us, there are details in the column on the right.

The Bigger Picture

Company requirements vary, and with them do Business Development responsibilities. So, different situations need different skills. These can be between:

  • developing the customer base from cold through to close
  • qualifying, gaining sales appointments, or developing strategy
  • developing partnerships, finding new revenue streams, writing proposals.

More Skills For Business Development Roles 

  • Developing Leads
  • Sales Appointments
  • Web Research
  • Telephone Research
  • Web Demos
  • Developing or contributing to proposals or campaigns
  • Networking at functions
  • Building, maintaining, and managing a healthy sales pipeline. This can be with or without estimating the percentage chance of closing each opportunity
  • Visiting clients
  • Closing Sales
  • Developing Strategy
  • Other Marketing and Sales activities.

With such a wide range, how do we make it work?

Getting Recruitment Right

The interview objective is to identify and understand what Clients and Candidates need for the recruitment to fit their standards.

Because of our backgrounds and focus on these roles, we have developed specialist skills in our interview process to achieve this.

This is key to finding the right FIT between job requirements and candidate skills. It is fundamental to the quality service we give, and results in better recruitment.

In these roles, the right skill levels on the phone can be the difference between poor and great results.

 Personal Rewards

There are personal rewards associated with recruitment for these roles. Some of them are:

Clients, that feeling you get when you see the success of those you brought into the company.

Candidates, it is the feeling you get when you know you have made the right choice of employer and the future looks good.

For us, it is the feeling we get that it has gone well and been worth all the hard work put in.

Jobs transform lives 

As the Recruitment & Employment Confederation puts it.


Good people can transform a business and the right jobs transform lives. We work to deliver a better Business Development Recruitment service so that:

Clients can get the people they need particularly as getting recruitment right contributes to business success and

Candidates can get the right job that meets their needs and           ambitions. It’s a really special moment when that happens.

So, if you’re an employer looking for the right candidates, or a candidate looking for the right role…

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