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Recruiting together

We have the same objective – to get the best Candidates for you

Recruit Together

We share the same objective …

We recruit together in the sense that we share the same objective – finding the right Candidates for your roles.

There are plenty of Candidates out there, but there is lots of competition for those who get good results. This makes it easy for them to change their jobs. Our role is to support you in recruiting for these effective Candidates.

Recruiting together to get the best

Recruiting works best when it is a co-operative process, when there is a sense of urgency and trust on both sides. We will work with you, discuss what you are looking for and take a brief.

Why we can recruit better – our USP

As mentioned elsewhere on this website, all our staff have done the types of roles we recruit for – before their recruitment careers. That’s our USP.

This enables us to interview more effectively on the phone.

As a high level of phone skills is crucial for the roles we recruit for, this is particularly important.

How we find & select the right Candidates

We have a ‘FIT’ process, designed to find out how good they are. The telephone interviews with Candidates are very in-depth.

To get the right Candidates, we also use all available means to find the best for you; our own database; advertising; social media; CV searches on job boards and, of course, recommendations. Advertising your role is free of charge and your company name is not mentioned. We get Candidates from all these avenues, so we must use them all to get the best cross section of people for your roles. We spend many, many hours on this at no charge. We only charge a fee when you recruit someone we have put forward.

Keeping the Candidates interested in your role

Your feedback on CV’s is very important to both us and Candidates. It helps us keep good Candidates interested in your role and helps us realign our search if the Candidate isn’t quite right.

Bearing in mind the competition for the effective Candidates, the shorter the recruitment process the better. It also increases the chances of not losing them to competitors. So, anything you can do to speed up the recruitment process will help.

Maintaining the interest & saving time

You may choose to conduct early initial telephone interviews to save time and increase interest in your role. Some clients choose to move straight to a face-to-face interview in view of the in-depth telephone interview we have with Candidates. This saves even more time, of course.

We’ll liaise with Candidates on your behalf, arrange interviews and take and give them feedback.

So, why not call us now on 01628 634634 so that we can talk it through? Or Contact Us.

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