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What is Specialist Recruitment?

We are a Specialist Recruitment Agency 

Roles for promoting or selling on the phone

There is a wide range of roles for promoting or selling on the phone. There are dozens of them.

We focus on these and their associated roles. They incorporate the phone skills needed:

Business Development ~ Inside Sales ~ Account Management ~
Internal Sales ~ Telemarketing ~ Telesales ~ Team Management.

Because of our specialism in these roles, we understand them better. This improves the quality of our recruitment service.

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Selecting the right specialist Recruitment Agency

What we add to specialism

It’s our Unique Selling Point

Recruiting for Phone roles


Specialism enhances:

  • Combined expertise from more knowledge and experience
  • Teamwork support with a wider network of Candidates
  • Effectiveness of questions to clients and candidates
  • Constructive and meaningful feedback.

This results in:

  • An unrivalled understanding of the roles
  • Better assessments and judgements
  • Higher overall standard of recruitment
  • Better support and guidance where appropriate
  • Greater consistency.

So, the advantages of specialism to Clients are:

  • Our expertise in phone interviewing reduces Employment Risk
  • We only put forward appropriate candidates, saving you time
  • Support and guidance given where appropriate – particularly useful in these roles
  • Using specialist expertise means easier choices..

Advantages of specialism to Candidates are:

A good specialist recruitment agency will understand and take account of:

  • your skill-set and strengths
  • how these fit in with jobs requirements
  • your career ambitions.

They are better able to get you the right job and won’t waste your time.

We discuss your skills and experience with you on the phone. This is particularly relevant because these are phone based roles. So, we are then able to represent you well when speaking to potential employers. As a result, this boosts your chances of getting interviews.

Selecting the right specialist Recruitment Agency (top of page)

It’s very popular among agencies to claim they are ‘specialist’. But what are they specialist in?

  • Roles they recruit for?
  • Or within an industry?
  • Or a specific geographical area?

Finding those who can do the job well is fundamental to good recruitment. So, Candidate skills must come high up the list. Particularly as:

  • Geographical is not skills related
  • Experience in a particular industry is convenient, but not always essential.
  • Promoting or selling on the phone is different from face-to-face – see link below.So, are they specialist in the area you want?

What we add to specialism (top of page)

All our Recruitment Consultants have worked in these roles. This is on business to business calls and before joining us. So they know what it is like to work in these roles.

This adds understanding, empathy and superior judgement to their skill-set and ours.

It’s our Unique Selling Point. (top of page)

The Roles We Recruit For have a high element of phone work. They are different from face-to-face roles:

Recruiting for Phone roles (top of page)

Recruiting for these roles is different. So, our Specialist expertise in taking an accurate job brief  is key. As is phone interviewing as often people come over differently than face-to-face.

Link to Page Recruiting for phone roles

It enables us to find the right ‘FIT’ between job requirements and candidate skills. This is a vital part of the quality service we give.

We are expert in our Market. We use our unique skills, experience and processes to provide an exceptional service.

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