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Recruiting for phone-based Sales roles

What's different to recruiting for other roles?



Recruiting for the internal  Roles We Specialise In  is different from other types of recruitment. Using appropriate recruitment processes helps the employment of higher calibre Candidates who get better results. They also make significant contributions to the sales process.

Why recruiting for phone-based sales roles is different

Some reasons why it’s different recruiting for these roles are:

  • Initial telephone interviews are a great idea – hear how the person comes over on the phone and save time.
  • It’s a good idea to rate performance on the phone at the top of the list of recruiting priorities – can they get the results you want?
  • The only one of the five senses being used is sound. Customers can concentrate on what is being said more easily. It has to move on quicker than face-to-face. Being good at the latter doesn’t guarantee success on the phone.
  • There is no nationally recognised qualification. So, it’s even more important to ensure you being sent the best people who have been thoroughly screened.
  • The recruitment process needs to move quickly because high calibre Candidates are in demand. Too long a process, and many will get another job lined up elsewhere.

We’re genuine specialists

‘Specialists’ are everywhere, but we have taken it to another level because all of us here have done these roles for real, business to business. So, we understand these roles better and can interview Candidates more effectively.


So, why not call us now on 01628 634634 so that we can talk it through? Or Contact Us.

The Temporary staff we supply make significant contributions to the sales process in:

This also applies, of course to other roles we recruit for. Those where a high standard of phone sales skills is key.

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