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What is Interim Insourcing?

In addition to our Temporary Contractors service, we offer an Interim Insourcing Service.

With this solution we provide you with Interim Insourcing Professionals. They have that extra experience that enables you to hand over the complete campaign. Then let your chosen person run with it.

It is like outsourcing. However, the advantage is that it gives you much more visibility. Also, there is more contact with your Insourced person.

The differences from outsourcing are:

  • there is more visibility
  • more opportunities to communicate
  • you can make immediate changes.

 Here is how it works:

We find you the right candidate, you brief them with your requirements, company background and ideal results.

They will then plan, manage and deliver on the campaign.

The key difference is they are in your offices, so you can hear what they say and they can really be part of your team. You keep control, save money and time.

They will:

  • Put together a pitch
  • Plan a strategy
  • Make suggestions
  • Carry out the work
  • Run reports …

… and even attend meetings if you want them to.

All you need to provide are phone, PC and desk.

There are many advantages

Some of the advantages of Insourcing over Outsourcing are that you:

  • Know who is representing you on the phone
  • Have consistency in messaging
  • Hear what they are saying
  • Quickly deal with any questions without delaying the project or campaign
  • You can interview the Candidates and choose who works on your project
  • Add to your team on an ad-hoc basis for that special project that nobody has time to do
  • Test the success of your planned campaign, cover for those on leave or boost you team
  • It can be a lot cheaper than outsourcing…

Have flexibility as you can:

  • Start them when you want
  • Stop when you want.

Have Financial flexibility and can:

  • Budget for the expenditure
  • Vary how many you have, from one to a full team …

… and so spend what you want.

Want to make them permanent? You can:

  • First check the results and that they fit in
  • Prove your Return On Investment.

So you will have confirmed your ROI before committing to employing permanent staff.

If you want to test something new, this is an excellent way of doing it.

What about the cost?

Our fees are:

  • Competitive –  We charge an hourly rate with no add-on costs or set up fees
  • You purely pay for the hours that have been worked
  • The hourly rate depends on the level of skill needed to get the best results. It includes employment costs such as N.I., Holiday Pay etc.
  • And you’re not tied into any fixed term.

Interim Insourcing Professionals, a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing your campaign or project for:

In fact, for any promotion or sales campaign or project.

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