Welcome to our Partner Programme which includes a series of special pages. The idea of these is for us to provide articles of interest. They are only available via the link we sent you, so are not generally available on … Continue reading »

The Hidden Decision Maker

Aren’t many markets more competitive today? Isn’t there a need to act faster? Aren’t many time-scales shorter? Surely these all put pressure on our decision making and our need to get it right first time. This article is about how experiences can affect our decisions without our … Continue reading »

Is the answer in the question?

  What did the expression on the boy’s face tell you? Whatever you thought, curiosity may well have been in there somewhere. What was the man eating? – He was eating a balot. What is a balot? – A fermented … Continue reading »

Interpretations, recruitment and a little fun

  If you look at this picture for a moment, what does the expression tell you? Is the person surprised, angry, annoyed, puzzled, shocked, bored, or something else? For a bit of fun, you could even ask a colleague what … Continue reading »

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