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Our ethos

What we stand for, our culture and standards.

Are we the sort of company you want to deal with? That’s what this page is about.

We believe in:

  • Straightforward and fair dealings with those we interact with
  • Doing what is legally and morally right
  • Behaving in an ethical, respectful fashion
  • Doing our utmost to meet Client and Candidate expectations
  • Suitability – Candidates for jobs and jobs for Candidates.

As a recruitment agency we:

  • Only use legal and ethical angles to find appropriate Candidates
  • Take account of skills, experience and business background when assessing Candidate suitability
  • Only put Candidates forward for roles they are suited for
  • Always seek a Candidate’s permission before identifying them to a Client or putting their CV forward
  • Put suitability into practice and respect everyone’s time by submitting only Candidates who are interested in the vacancies
  • Only use appropriate methods, so we don’t use unfair or pressured persuasion techniques.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times for Clients and Candidates.

Finding good Candidates for good jobs is what we do well.

We always aim to give an excellent service and do things in an appropriate fashion.

We are open to constructive comments and suggestions about our service.

We trust you feel that we are people you can deal with.

If you want more information, or have any suggestions or comments, please Contact us.


The five pillars of our brand

Number 1

Experience matters.

We understand both Client and Candidate challenges because we’ve all worked in these roles.

Number 2

Telephone expertise.

As we’re genuine specialists, we only introduce the right people for the right roles.

Number 3

Generating business.

Whether it’s Sales or Account Management roles our aim is to find talent to help Clients generate more business and Candidates get the right roles.

Number 4

Relationship builders.

We get to know you – our Clients and Candidates – so that we can give you better support and advice.

Number 5

Integrity and trust.

You’ll feel happy and confident working with us.

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